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Family-owned and operated

Since opening in 1959, Cal’s Western Wear has been family-owned and operated with the intention to provide the best in Western clothing and accessories to local families.


Classic brands for Western looks

No matter what Western brands you prefer, you can find them all at Cal’s. From Red Wing to Wrangler, the best in Western looks can be yours, however you want them to be.


Over 50 years of local service

For over 50 years, Cal’s Western Wear has been providing quality goods to the community. With decades of experience in providing the best, there’s no one better.

Leather, spurs, riding gear

Western-inspired accessories are about more than just clothes. At Cal’s Western Store, you can find a wide selection of tack, including spurs, halters, and bridles.

Products for men, women, and children

Get your whole family involved in Western wear with products for men, women and even children. With clothing in hundreds of sizes and a wide inventory of accessories, you can always get the best for everyone you know.